Total Market Domination 4-CD Set

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Total Market Domination Audio 4-CD Set

Total Market Domination:  There’s enough business in your market right now for you to double or triple your revenue in the next year alone. The customers are just sitting out there right now waiting for you to claim what is rightfully yours. The reason you’re not closing those sales right now is because all of your marketing and advertising is lame and ineffective and I’m going to prove it to you.

Hi, this is Shea Ellison, President and Founder of Strategic Marketing Consultants. In this program, I’m going to pull back the curtain for you on a complete marketing system that when executed properly will cause your prospects to realize that you are the only company in your industry with which they should be doing business. In fact, I will show you exactly how you can demonstrate doing business with your company will be so obvious to your prospects that they quickly come to this conclusion, “I’d have to be absolutely CRAZY to work with anyone else but you, regardless of the price.”

The system I’m going to share with you is called the Strategic Marketing Program and it is unique in our industry because it’s a comprehensive program. It’s not about one or more clever or unique marketing tactics that will increase your business incrementally. As a matter of fact, I am absolutely sure that you have never seen or heard anything like this before. In fact, you’re going to find that the Strategic Marketing Program™ is so comprehensive in nature that it will ensure that your company becomes number one in your industry in your market. When I say number one, I mean you will crush your competition!

Total Market Domination - InsertDuring this program, you are going to learn everything that you need to know so that you can rise to a place of Total Market Dominance. I am going to show you how you can become the 800 pound gorilla in your industry and in your market and acquire all the benefits that come with being the market leader.  Has your business made business innovation a priority?

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TOTAL MARKET DOMINATION - Disc 1Track 01: Introduction to Total Market Domination

Track 02: Strategic Marketing Program

Track 03: The Two Most Common Marketing Mistakes

Track 04: Focus and History of Advertising

Track 05: Educational Spectrum

Comprehensive Marketing SystemTrack 06: Comprehensive System

Track 07: Component No. 1 – Identity

Track 08: Introduction to The Strategic Messaging Formula 

Track 09:  Capture

Track 10: Connect

Capture, Connect, Incentivize, Educate, Offers and Automate your marketing systemTrack 11: Educate

Track 12: Incentivize

Track 13: Automate

Track 14: Comprehensive Internet Marketing Suite

Track 15: Systematized Sales Process

TOTAL MARKET DOMINATION - DISC 4Track 16: Professionalized Image

Track 17: Business Innovation

Track 18: Applied Business Innovation

Track 19: Strategic Marketing System Summary – NEXT STEPS


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