Exclusive Business Relationships

Exclusive Business RelationshipsDue to the aggressive nature and effectiveness of Strategic Marketing’s programs and systems, most of our services are offered through Exclusive Business Relationships with our clients—meaning that we only work with one client per industry in any given local market. There can only be one, Number 1 Company in any given industry and market. It’s as simple as that. Therefore we feel ethically bound to implement our Total Market Domination Program™ or our Extreme Marketing Makeover™ with only one company. The question is, will it be you or your competitor? The fairest way we have found to implement this is on a “First-come, First-serve” basis. So, if one of your competitors happens to contact us first and qualifies to be our client, then we simply won’t be able to work with you on such a project in the future. The ‘ball is in your court.’ The choice is up to you.

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Strategic Marketing Program™

3 to 6 months of Marketing Consulting
Complete Marketing Plan
Specialized Marketing Fulfillment Pricing Schedule
Participation Fee on growth

YesLocal geographical exclusivity guaranteed.

Extreme Marketing Makeover™

Minimum 12 month agreement
“Outsourced” Marketing Department
Specialized Marketing Fulfillment Pricing Schedule
Participation Fee on Growth

YesLocal geographical exclusivity guaranteed. Larger geographical areas negotiable.

Search Engine Optimization

For 2 clients per industryNegotiable

All other services

Available (negotiable)Negotiable