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Without Spending a Fortune, Getting Your Website Blacklisted, or Working 80 hrs. per week

If you’re a business owner, professional or entrepreneur and are searching for ways to dramatically increase your market share, I’d like to show you how you can dominate your market .  In fact, as the Top Marketing Consulting Firm I’d like to show you how you can monopolize your marketplace using Strategic Marketing Program™.  

Top Marketing Consulting Firm - Digital Marketing ManagerMy name is Shea Ellison and I am the Founder and CEO at Strategic Marketing Consultants.  We have been in the cross-channel marketing business for 18 years.  We do something truly unique in our industry in that we eliminate the 15 biggest problems that plague virtually all marketing.  You see, nobody knows the right questions to ask when it comes to creating a marketing program that really works.

In a recent survey from the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association, Atlanta Business Marketing Association and Loyalty 360, business owners expressed their most frustrating, bone-crushing problems with their marketing.  It was found that they’re being pummeled by three major frustrations.  I would like to show you these three gargantuan obstacles and then tell you about a FREE report that will show you how to eliminate them all without spending a fortune, getting your website slapped or having to hire the geek squad.  The report will not only show you how to blast these frustrations to smithereens, but it will also show you how to dramatically INCREASE your revenue in the next 12 months.

Three Biggest Problems Nearly Every Business Encounters With Their Marketing and Advertising.

  1. Inconsistent Messaging: Typically when most people think about marketing, they automatically think about Tactical Marketing – all the mediums in which marketing is deployed such as Internet, magazines, radio, TV, etc. Most people are oblivious of the Strategic Marketing side of the equation; that is what you say, how you say it and to whom you say it which is almost always more important than where you say it.  The reality is that most marketing is fragmented, meaning that there is no cohesive message or comprehensive system handling your marketing for you.  Instead, when you buy marketing or advertising, it is developed by the company creating the ad or marketing piece.  Think back to the last advertisement or marketing collateral that you created for your company.  What was it?  Website content, blog post, video, PPC ad, article, whitepaper – so, now let me ask you a question.  Who created the final product for you?  They did.  The marketing agency created your content.  The web developer created your web page.  The graphics company created your landing page.  The web design company created the website. The video production company created the content for your video.  Right? 

Fragmented Marketing

Think about how fragmented that makes your marketing efforts.  All those companies have different ideas about what your marketing message should be based on their limited experience.  For instance, did you realize that to be hired as a radio or print salesperson you basically need zero experience, which means some lackey is going to be the “expert” creating your ad.  This is one of the root causes of why marketing doesn’t work.  I’ll send you a FREE report that shows you how to eliminate this piecemeal process and how to develop a strategic marketing plan that will unify your marketing messages so that no matter where or how your prospects or customers touch you, they will always receive the same strategic messaging that allows them to come to the conclusion that “I would have to be absolutely CRAZY to do business with anyone else but you, regardless of the price.”

  1. Inability to Measure Effectiveness or ROI: Do you sometimes feel like your marketing and advertising is a bottomless money pit?  You hire an ad agency that asks what your budget is and then goes about designing creative or catchy ads that are designed to get the attention of your prospect and then imprint your company name through repetition – but don’t actually create any sales.  The problem is that virtually all ad agencies are still living in the ‘Big Brand’ era of the past.  Back in the 50’s and 60’s, creativity and repetition became the calling card of big advertisers and their methods trickled down into other media.  Starting in the 70’s this became the no-brainer formula for market dominance for companies with the financial resources to pull it off.  Business schools started teaching marketing and advertising based on these hackneyed methods, churning out graduates who only knew one way to do “marketing.”  Brand Builder marketing and advertising became the de facto standard for “how you do it.”  After a few decades, nobody even questioned the formula… until we did.

What This Top Marketing Consulting Firm Found:

What we discovered about most advertising was shocking.  Most ads can be classified into two categories: 1) institutional advertising or 2) menu-board style advertising.  Institutional ads essentially say, “Here’s our name, Top Marketing Consulting Firmhere’s our best attempt at being creative, and here’s the biggest budget we could muster to support this C.R.A.P. (Creative Repetition And Positioning).  Virtually all ad agencies large and small – specialize in institutional advertising.  It’s what you see in most print and TV ads.

Menu-board advertising essentially says, “Here’s our name and here’s a list of what we have for sale.”  Just like a menu at a restaurant.  For example, “We’re law firm.  We handle motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, work-related injuries, wrongful death, dog bites, social security disability, dangerous drugs, and truck accidents.”  Oh and here’s a picture of one of our attorneys.  Get the point?  Just like a menu at a restaurant, the ad is simply a list of services or what’s for sale.  You can’t measure ROI with institutional or menu-board style advertising.  It’s impossible.  There’s no call to action.  There’s no offer to further educate the prospect and nudge them along the sales cycle.  There’s no compelling evidence provided that would make the prospect view your company as the obvious choice to do business with.

  1. Lackluster results: The problem is you have been conditioned to believe and practice certain things about marketing and advertising that just aren’t true because they can’t grow your business beyond the force of the market.  All you (and your ad agency) have learned about marketing is garbage because it doesn’t allow you to accurately, effectively and succinctly portray your inside reality to the outside world.  This is a product of years of conditioning of marketing the wrong way.

As Your Top Marketing Marketing Consulting Firm, We Profess That Marketing Is Supposed To Do Three Things:

  1. Capture the attention of your target market

  2. Teach and educate people how to make the best purchasing decision by giving them enough information to facilitate their making the best decision possible when buying what you have to sell.

  3. Lower the risk of taking the next step in the buying process so you can further educate them

Effective marketing accomplishes all three objectives.  It causes your prospects and customers to conclude: “I would have to be absolutely CRAZY to do business with anyone else but you – regardless of the price.”

As the Top Marketing Marketing Consulting Firm, The  Strategic Marketing Program™ first teaches you how to be better than your competition.  Then, you learn how to out-market the competition.  Then you become the obvious choice to do business with.

Look, there are two sides to your business; when the outside perception of your organization is an accurate reflection of an amazing inside reality, you CAN monopolize your marketplace.  Strategic Marketing Consultants focuses on both sides of your business; the inside reality and the outside perception. 
We find that these two sides of a business are rarely aligned.

In fact, we venture to say that the crux of all marketing problems – including yours – can be summed up into one simple statement:

Most companies’ outside perception is NOT an accurate reflection of their inside reality.

This Top Marketing Consulting firm does, first and foremost, is fix that problem.

What if you could change your marketing message in your collateral materials, your ads, your website, your online marketing and:

  • Increase the number of leads you generate by as much as 435 percent
  • Increase the quality of those leads, and
  • Increase your closing ratio from a paltry 7% to a healthy 31%?

And what if you could do this without changing how much money you spend?  You don’t have to hire a celebrity to say they do business with you.  In fact, you don’t have to do anything substantially different.  All you have to do is change what you’re saying and how you say it so that it works better.

WHAT TO DO NEXT?  Download our free report Marketing Secrets Revealed or  Request a consultation

Whose fault is it when your marketing is fragmented, produces little or no measurable results and is virtually guaranteed to drain your bank account and leave you scratching your head?  I say it’s your marketing consultancy’s fault. 

At Strategic Marketing, we are the top marketing consulting firm you should be working with.  We realize creating an effective marketing system is a significant investment for your company.  We also know that your plate is full just running your business, not trying to learn how to market your business more effectively.  That’s why we’ve committed ourselves to overcoming every problem you will face at any other ad agency – to ensuring you are not only better than any of your competitors,

But that you out-market them as well. 


Shea Ellison
Founder and CEO
Your Top Marketing Consulting Firm 

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