All Effective Marketing Begins With The Marketing Equation

The first reason why most  people have had poor results from their Direct Mail marketing campaigns is that the marketing piece did not instantly capture the attention of your target market based on hot buttons.

Second, the direct mail piece didn’t connect with them on an emotional level about those hot buttons.

Third, it didn’t contain a promise to further educate them.

Fourth, the direct mail piece didn’t build a case around the important and relevant issues surrounding their problem.

Fifth, it didn’t prove you offer superior value.

And sixth, the direct mail piece didn’t give them a low-risk way to further the education and sales process.

The Marketing Equation works EVERY time with anybody who is interested in what you have to sell because it is based on human nature.

If you have a business and you want to sell something, no matter what it is, realize that your prospective customers want to make the best decision possible when buying it. They want to get the best deal in terms of overall price and value.

Your job is to:

  • Interrupt them based on their hot buttons

  • Promise that reading your marketing piece or ad will educate them

  • Build a case around the important and relevant issues

  • Prove that you offer superior value and then

  • Give them a low-risk way to further the education and sales process.

The Marketing Equation allows you to effectively match the outside perception of your company with your inside reality. It ALWAYS works the same – NO EXCEPTIONS.Direct Mail Marketing

This is what we call an ‘instant profit faucet.’ So the medium of your marketing message is not the issue, it’s the content or copy of your message that is the critical component. However, let me ask you a question; “How much did you pay to have the content or copy strategically crafted to connect with your prospects hot buttons for your last marketing or advertising piece?” Seriously. My guess is… nothing.

Think back to the last advertisement or marketing piece that you created for your company. What was it—a TV commercial, a website, a printed ad, a radio spot? Let me ask you a question—who created the copy or content for you? They did, didn’t they? The radio station created your radio spot, the magazine created your magazine ad, the design company created your brochure, the web design company created the website, and the TV station developed the content for your TV commercial, right?

Think about how fragmented that makes your marketing efforts. All of those different companies have different ideas about what your marketing message should be – based on their limited experience. Inevitably, they all use platitudes and then try to throw in their own dose of creativity. Think about how wrong this is. You need to develop and own your own message, you shouldn’t leave it to others, and you certainly shouldn’t leave it to multiple teams of others who don’t really have your best interest in mind, nor do they care about your position in the marketplace.

So, don’t tell me that ‘direct mail’ or ‘postcards’ don’t work for my business.  The problem is not the medium.  The problem is the content of your message.

What to do next?  You should take a look at Search Engine Marketing

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