Strategic Messaging Formula

Strategic Messaging Formula™ Strategic Messaging Formula

Believe it or not the process of creating an effective strategic marketing program is actually scientific.  All you need to do is follow the Strategic Messaging Formula™. The challenge is you’ve been taught to believe that marketing is an art and that you need a team of creative people to invent funny, quirky, entertaining, or any other type of creative content to use in your advertising and marketing but this is simply not the case.  

Years ago there was a marketing acronym used called AIDA, A-I-D-A.  It stood for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.  In Rich Harshaw’s book called, “Monopolize Your Marketplace” Rich updated this formula and called it the “Marketing Equation”.  Both of these systems worked well for years and still do.  However, in today’s Internet age with so much information being disseminated online and with incredible software tools available to us, along with our own testing in the Strategic Marketing Consultants Network, we have refined this system even further. 

We call this scientific method for creating comprehensive marketing systems the Strategic Messaging Formula™ and we use it exclusively within the Strategic Marketing Consultants Network to generate industry-leading results for all of our customers, no matter their industry.  

Ultimately, the goal of the Strategic Messaging Formula™ is to cause your customers and prospects to draw this important conclusion that you may have heard several times already: “I would have to be completely CRAZY to work with anyone but you no matter the price.” 

Don’t you want your customers and prospects thinking that way?  Of course you do!  So let me show you how this works.  

The Strategic Messaging Formula or SMF for short has six components.  Let me introduce them to you real quickly.  CAPTURE, CONNECT, INCENTIVIZE, EDUCATE, OFFERS, & AUTOMATE

First is CAPTURECapture the attention of your prospect

This means that you must first capture your prospect’s attention.  It’s pretty obvious I know, but it’s not as easy to pull off as people think.  Furthermore, it’s done wrong more often than it is done right.  You’ll learn how and why in a minute.  

The second component is CONNECTYou must connect with your prospect on an emotional level

Emotion gives life to the logical argument, and logic gives validity to the emotional oneThis means that once you have captured your prospects attention, you must connect with them on an emotional level.  You have to hold onto their attention by connecting on a hot button that is important or relevant to them.  You have to make them feel like important and relevant information is going to be delivered to them.  Information that will help them make the best decision possible.  In short you will be helping to facilitate the decision-making process.  

The third component is INCENTIVIZE

In this step you have to give your prospect an incentive to take the next step in the buying process.  This is often accomplished by giving your prospect an offer to get a free marketing tool of some sort, like a webinar, special report, a video, a series of videos, an audio program, or anything like that.  However, you don’t always have to give away a marketing tool.  Often you can give them a coupon, an exclusive discount, a special limited opportunity, or any other low risk or high value offer.  Whatever it is, just remember you are incentivizing your prospect.  You are simply getting them to take the next step in the buying process.  

The fourth component is EDUCATE

You must give your prospect enough quality information to make them feel like they can make an informed decisionNow that you’ve connected with your prospect on an emotional level you must give them enough quality information to make them feel like they can make an informed decision about how to solve their problem or gain a needed benefit.  Again, you do this by giving your prospect enough quality information to address their emotional need.  Remember, the component is called educate.  So you are educating them.  This step is ultra-critical and it turns the sale from an emotional sale to a logical one. 



  • You need to build a case for your product or service.

  • What information does a prospect need to know before purchasing your products or services?

  • Your product or service is ON TRIAL.

  • THE CUSTOMER is the jury.

  • YOU are the attorney.

  • You must EDUCATE as to all of the relevant & important issues.

  • Prove that you offer the superior value.

  • Present evidence of expert testimony to support your case.

  • Remember it’s a life or death sentence.

The fifth component is OFFERS.

Once your prospect feels like they have enough quality information, it’s time to present them with multiple offers to buy, signup, join, become a client or customer.  You need to present a variety of offers that speaks to both their emotion and their logicThe reason you want to have multiple offers is that you don’t know exactly which offer will be the one they want.  You need to present a variety of offers that speaks to both their emotion and their logic.  A rule of thumb is to use as much space as it takes to present a concise yet complete argument for your product or service.  Many Internet marketers have earned millions of dollars describing their products or services in painstaking detail with stories about how people have used their products or services to get the results they were after.  Long, well written, engaging copy that connects with the reader or listener on an emotional level and then connects the emotional content with the logical reasoning will outsell nearly every form of advertising.  Just look at all the infomercials on cable TV.

The sixth and final component is AUTOMATE

This simply means that now that your prospects are connected with you in the marketing system, you must create content to automate the follow-up process. Companies and individuals are notoriously bad about following-up.  Fortunately software is available today to assist in this process.  Even then the software will not give you the best bang for your buck if you don’t properly craft your message in follow-up sequence.  

Strategic Messaging Formula

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In the Private Member’s area, I’m going to show you exactly how to accomplish this shortly.  The acronym for this Strategic Messaging Formula™ is CCIEOA: Capture, Connect, Incentivize, Educate, Offers, and Automate: Remember the acronym and you won’t forget the process.    

It’s a proven formula for marketing success.  It’s a scientific approach to marketing that is based on human nature and when properly executed drives your prospects and customers to this conclusion –  “I’d have to be completely CRAZY to work with anybody else but you no matter the price.” 


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