The Marketing Equation

The Marketing Equation works EVERY time with anybody who is interested in what you have to sell because it is based on human nature.

If you have a business and you want to sell something, no matter what it is, realize that your prospective customers want to make the best decision possible when buying it. They want to get the best deal in terms of overall price and value.  You need to implement the Marketing Equation.

In the Marketing Equation Your job is to:

  1. Interrupt them based on their hot buttons
  2. Promise that reading your marketing piece or ad will educate them
  3. Build a case around the important and relevant issues
  4. Prove that you offer superior value and thenthe marketing equation
  5. Give them a low-risk way to further the education and sales process.

The Marketing Equation allows you to effectively match the outside perception of your company with your inside reality. It ALWAYS works the same – NO EXCEPTIONS.

When your outside perception IS an accurate reflection of your amazing inside reality, you can – monopolize your marketplace.  This is what we call an ‘instant profit faucet.’

Before you attempt to implement this Marketing Equation, its first essential that you understand the ‘What’, ‘Why’ and ‘How’ the process works.

We’re not looking for customers, we’re looking for converts!  We do things so differently from the typical ad agency way that you need to become an educated convert before you’re qualified to do business with us.

This equation is composed of 21 steps

Our system is composed of 21 steps.  You must complete each one before moving on to the next one. (No different than the instruction manual for putting together bicycle.)  This process can typically continue over a period of weeks to months depending on the scope of the project.  Our marketing metaphor is that of legal court case.  Just like an attorney, we begin with the discovery process to gather all of the facts.  Once an attorney has gathered all the facts, he will proceed to writing a Case Briefing outlining all the facts, the evidence, the circumstances, all the details that he will use in a court of law to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that you are innocent.  We do the same to create a marketing case that will cause your prospects to come to the conclusion “I’d have to be absolutely CRAZY to do business with anyone else but you, regardless of the price.”

There are two major stages: Discovery (steps 1 – 6) and Discovery ResearchWriting (steps 7 – 21). Discovery is where we uncover or find out what are the prospect’s hot buttons, what are the details of your inside reality.  Why you are better than any of your competitors and much, much more.  Writing focuses on writing all the marketing materials which allows you to present your case.




The Marketing Equation - Capture the attention of your prospect



This is the process of getting qualified prospects to pay attention to your marketing. It may seem simple on the surface, but it’s often difficult to pull off, unless you hit their emotional hot buttons. Furthermore, it’s done wrong more often than it is done right.





Connect:Connect with your prospect on an emotional level

Emotion gives life to the logical argument, and logic gives validity to the emotional one.  This means that once you have captured your prospects attention, you must connect with them on an emotional level.  You have to hold onto their attention by connecting on a hot button that is important or relevant to them.  You have to make them feel like important and relevant information is going to be delivered to them.  Information that will help them make the best decision possible. In short you will be helping to facilitate the decision-making process.

The Marketing Equation - Incentivize your prospect






Simply give prospects a low-risk way to take the next step in the buying process.  Continue to put more worthwhile and valuable information in their hands and allow them to feel in total control of the decision.  This is often accomplished by giving your prospect an offer to get a free marketing tool of some sort, like a special report, a video, a series of videos, an audio program, or other low-risk, high value offers.






Now that you connected with your prospect on an emotional level you must give them enough quality information to make them feel like they can make an informed decision about how to solve their problem or gain a needed benefit.  Again, you do this by giving your prospect enough quality information to address their emotional need. Remember, the component is called educate.  So you are educating them.  This step is critical as it combines their emotional needs to their logical wants.  You then prove why you can solve it.  You do this by providing them with detailed, quantifiable, specific, inside-reality-revealing information.  This then transforms the sale from an emotional to a logical one.

  • You need to build a case for your product or service.
  • What information does a prospect need to know before purchasing your products or services?
  • Your product or service is ON TRIAL.
  • THE PROSPECT is the jury.
  • YOU are the attorney.
  • You must EDUCATE as to all of the relevant & important issues.
  • Prove that you offer the superior value.
  • Present evidence of expert testimony to support your case.
  • Remember it’s a life or death sentence.
What are the FAQs? Identify the SAQs?

Now that you have successfully educated them you must once again incentivize them and you may want to give them a coupon, an exclusive discount, a special limited opportunity, or any other low risk, high value offer.  Whatever it is, just remember you are incentivizing your prospect.  You are simply getting them to take the next step in the buying process.  It may be an offer to educate them even more.

Offer: The Marketing Equation - Educate your prospect


Now that you have interrupted your prospects, engaged them by promising a solution and provided the educational information that makes your solution real and believable, you then offer them a low-risk way to take the next step in the buying process.

Every marketing piece should contain a low-risk offer to encourage the prospect to take the next step.  Most commonly the offer should be to receive additional information so you can further educate the prospect and build your case.  A powerful offer can sometimes increase your response rate by 100 times or more – all by itself.

The right offer allows you to capture a large percentage of all future buyers in addition to the ‘Now buyers’.  You must realize there is an educational process that the prospect goes through from the moment he or she begins thinking about buying your product or service to the point when they actually put down their hard-earned cash.  This is what we call the educational spectrum.


Now that your prospects are connected with you in the marketing system, you must create content to automate the follow-up process.  Companies and individuals are notoriously bad about following-up.  Fortunately software is available today to assist in this process.  Even then the software will not give you the best bang for your buck if you don’t properly craft your message in follow-up sequence.  You must continue to utilize ‘The Marketing Equation’ in each and every message they receive. (Capture, Connect, Incentivize, Educate, Offer, and Automate)  

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