15 Biggest Problems That Plague Virtually All Marketing

Problems nearly every business has with marketing

1.   No strategic marketing plan – First & foremost, we fix this problem.
2.   Use of platitudes – We ban platitudes from all of our client’s marketing.
3.   No use of hot buttons – In our discovery process we uncover what is important and relevant to your prospects and customers.
4.   No use of activators – We use activator language in all of our client’s “Calls to action.”
5.   Nothing to facilitate the decision-making process (promise to educate) – We emphasize this as it is a key strategy in our Strategic Messaging Formula.
6.   No case-building materials (special reports) – One of our core fundamentals is the creation of videos, audios, and reports to help our clients move prospects along the Educational Spectrum.
7.   Only targeting the “Now buyers” – Our whole strategic process is about reaching 100% of your target market.
8.   No pre-positioning tools – We design and create pre-positioning tools for all of our clients as it is a way of breaking down the barriers and answering questions prospects are likely to have – even before they talk with any of our clients.
9.   No sales-script – It is essential that you script your entire sales & marketing process so that it is repeatable by anyone who follows the system.
10. No professional audio recordings – Audio recordings or podcasts give a voice to your prospects and allow them to connect with you on an emotional level.
11. No or not enough professional videos for your website – Videos are, quite simply, the most powerful form of communication that can be used for marketing by businesses. 
12. No professional portraits of you and your staff – The key here is “Professional” photos. It is essential you always look your best in all of your marketing.
13. No search engine optimization for Google Places or Google+ – Local search is imperative for local businesses as prospects have so many choices of places to search for information about your company, and we cover them all.  In fact we include a service that synchronizes all your information across more than 50 local sites and social media channels.
14. No systematized sales process – Franchises tend to be more successful than your typical SMB because they have many systematized processes.
15. Lack of a professional website that integrates all of the above – Every website we design and build includes strategically crafted content designed to optimize conversionability.  Plus, every website we build for our clients is mobile-optimized so that your prospects can access your marketing information from any device.

 What to do next?  Learn more about our Effective Marketing Plan or the Two Sides of Your Business