Identity-Standing for Something

Identity-Standing For Something – Learn How to Break Out of the Head-to-Head Competition, Don’t Compete With Rivals – Make Them Irrelevant, & Become the Obvious Choice to Do Business With.

You’re Already Very Good At What You Do, Right?

Now It’s Time to Learn How To Communicate It With Power, Precision, & Passion!Identity-Standing For Something

Identity-Standing for Something. There’s a good chance you’re slaughtering your marketing right now, and YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW IT. You’re saying things you THINK are profound and unique, but in reality, they simply AREN’T. Highly Experienced. Superior Quality. Finest Materials. Providing Customers What They Want. Unbeatable Warranty. Experts in… Specialize in… In your mind, this stuff sounds awesome. To your prospects, it sounds like blah, blah, blah, blaaaah. It’s totally expected.  Have you ever felt like your marketing is invisible?

What this does, is it makes your marketing and your company look just like everyone else’s; you sound like everyone else and you put off the same “vibe” as everyone else—even if you’re really awesome at what you do. Don’t believe me? Go to your website right now, then look up the websites of a dozen or so of your competitors. Guess what? They’re all pretty much all the same. And that’s not good.

The key to breaking out of the sea of competition is to focus in on your company’s unique and powerful  IDENTITY-standing for something so you not only STAND OUT – You’ve made them irrelevant!  You’ve got to instantly and definitively communicate who you are, what you stand for, what customers can expect, and why they should choose YOU instead of ANY of your competitors. Once your identity is defined, then you’ve got learn how to communicate with passion, precision, and power.

Once you articulate your Identity, you’ll see how everything else in your marketing mix emanates from your Identity.  Identity becomes the ‘hub’ of all of your other marketing.

Identity-Standing for Something

In the Slideshare presentation below (coming soon) we cover:

  • Why you continue to slaughter your marketing with platitudes even though they don’t work.
  • What an IDENTITY is, how to develop yours, and definitive proof that not only you don’t currently have one, but you don’t really even understand what it is.
  • How to communicate your IDENTITY with the ultimate power, passion, and precision.
  • How to integrate your IDENTITY into ALL of your marketing materials — your website, your online & offline ads, brochures, radio/TV, etc.
  • Now Learn How to Communicate It With Power, Passion, and Precision.
  • See before and after examples that illustrate all of these concepts.

(In the meantime, you can watch a pre-recorded webinar hosted by
Remodeling Marketing Expert Richard Harshaw of Monopolize Your Marketplace.)
Unfortunately Rich only works in a few specific industries so you
will need to do some simple conversions to your own industry based
on what you see and hear – it shouldn’t be too difficult.

You can watch the webinar here, (It will automatically start at about 12:00
allowing you to jump directly to the meat) Identity: Standing for Something
How To Break Through The Clutter, Stand Out in a Sea of
Competition, & Become The Obvious Choice to do Business With

What to do next?  Learn how to innovate your business so that you become better than your competition.

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