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1. You Need A Powerful, Precise, Passionate Identity.

You’ve got to instantly and powerfully communicate who you are, why you’re different (and better!), and what customers can expect when doing business with you. There’s a 99% chance that your company currently DOES NOT have a clearly articulated identity… and it’s COSTING you customers every single day. During the consultation, we will ask you several questions about your business, and extract information that will help us identify and outline your IDENTITY. You’ll be surprised how quickly your company’s identity will start to fall into shape. 

2. You Need To Optimize Your Website For Conversion.

The first step to a powerful website that converts more surfers into customers, of course, is your identity. But there is much more than that—we’ll evaluate your current website for professionalism, social proof, evidence, actionability, power, and several other factors. After the consultation, you’ll have a clear picture of why you’re not getting the results you want right now, and where to improve. 

3. Expand Your Focus.

After you have a powerful, precise, passionate identity and have infused that identity in your web presence (Identity based website, Organic SEO, Pay Per Click, Social Proof, Social Media, Etc) you need to focus on every other aspect of your marketing and advertising. 


  • Implement An Identity-Based Pre-Positioning Package
  • Implement An Identity-Based Past Client Follow-Up And Past Prospects Follow-Up Program
  • Implement Identity-Based Lead Generation Strategies 

4. What To Do Next: Schedule Your FREE Consultation!

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