Holox Ltd Case Study

Holox Ltd Case Study

The Situation

Holox Ltd, a medium-sized compressed gas supplier based in Norcross, Georgia knew they needed to move into the Internet age and in 2001 hired Strategic Internet LLC initially to design and build a new website for the company.  What was anticipated by management to be a 30-day project soon morphed into two months, six months and eventually an ongoing project.

Upon their discovery process, Shea Ellison, President and Founder of Strategic Internet discovered that not only did Holox need a website; they also needed backend systems to manage their business processes.  They were still doing everything on paper and storing all documents in filing cabinets.  If they were going to move into the digital realm and really benefit from implementing technology in their business, they had to be “all-in.”

The Solution

We prioritized their needs and decided to design and build their public-facing website first.  Once that was complete, we began work on their Intranet, scanning and transcribing their mountain of paper documents and loading them up into the hierarchical system we devised for them to make it quick and easy to retrieve any document with two or three clicks.

This process continued for months and while that project was continuing, we began to help them evaluate the available Enterprise Resource Systems (ERP) on the market.  After developing a comprehensive list of priorities and carefully evaluating the variety of platforms available, they opted to have us design and build a custom ERP system specific for their needs.  Additionally, in 2003 they purchased LifeGas, a medical gases company which we folded into our planning and development processes.

In January 2004 as the strategic planning and evaluation process evolved and before a final implementation plan could be finalized, Atlanta-based gas manufacturer Holox Ltd. was consolidated into Linde Gas LLC with AGA Gas Inc. of Cleveland and Linde Gas Inc. of LaPorte, Texas.

Cleveland-based Linde Gas would now leverage the combined companies with a strong focus on products, services and technology. The Linde Gas brand builds on the equity of its parent organization, Linde AG of Germany.

Linde Gas services the same industrial gas requirements of industries as Holox did such as manufacturing, food, energy, chemicals, metallurgy, environmental and construction.

The Results

Holox Ltd positioned itself for acquisition at least in part due to the public facing website and the back end Intranet systems we created for them.  All was not lost though as Linde Gas then hired Strategic Internet LLC to revamp their digital processes as well within their Safety and Compliance division.

Holox Ltd Case StudyHolox Ltd Case Study

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