GV USA Logistics Case Study

GV USA Logistics Case Study

The Situation

In this GV USA Logistics case study you will see how OK Cargo has been in the Freight Forwarding business since the 1980s and has built their business purely by referrals.  It has been a fruitful strategy as long as they remained in their current markets of Barranquilla and Bogota, Colombia.  They have made some contacts in Panama and other parts of Latin America.  However, they wanted to grow and expand not only the services they offered, but penetrate other markets throughout Central and South America as well as the Caribbean.

The Solution

First, they created a new dba name that would make them sound bigger and more appealing to new prospects; GV USA Logistics (Garcia Vargas).  They engaged the services of Strategic Marketing Consultants to develop and implement an Extreme Marketing Makeover for their business. 

We started with our Business Evaluation process to learn about who they really are and what makes them different than any of their competitors.  We then performed an Identity Consultation to really dig deep and discover what their “Identity” is.  What is their “inside reality.”  We know that every business out there has both an “inside reality” and an “outside perception” and that rarely are these two ever aligned.  In order to strategically plan their content development, we had to know who they are, what makes them different and better than any of their competitors and why a prospect should choose them over any of their competitors.

We then dove into our Discovery process, similar to how an attorney in a life and death court case will want to know every detail.  Initially this discovery process consumed several hours per day.  We spoke with the owners Jorge and Nora Garcia on multiple occasions over the course of several months as we began to develop both their Strategic and their Tactical plan.

One of the things we learned early on is that 60% of their clients are Spanish speaking only, and that the other 40% were bi-lingual (English / Spanish).  Therefore from the outset, we knew that we would need to create all marketing content first in English and then translate it all to Spanish.

Throughout our discussions and research into their industry we learned that the logistics industry in Latin America has many challenges and the region is poised for substantial growth in the coming years.  However, there are situations that we in the USA take for granted that just isn’t so in many parts of Central and South America such as a well developed interstate highway system.  Getting goods to the port is only half the challenge.  Transporting cargo inland to its final destination poses many risks.

The Results

Even before the project was complete, they were already receiving requests from virtually every country and major city throughout Latin America.  Business is up 47%.  They have just moved into a new and larger facility in Miami.  They are preparing to hire and train more employees to handle the increased business.  They now have a full time office in Bogota and are preparing to expand into Brazil, Argentina, and Peru.

GV USA Logistics is now turning to Strategic Marketing Consultants to design and implement their new CRM, Marketing and Sales Automation system through Infusionsoft integration.  With the depth of knowledge we have about their company and industry, we are without a doubt the perfect choice to help them automate many of their business systems.  Additionally, they developed an opportunity to start selling goods and services to clients in Venezuela.  They hired us to develop and implement a bi-lingual shopping cart system to sell a wide variety of products from automobiles, to computers and cellphones, to industrial and medical equipment and everything in between.

GV USA Logistics Case Study

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