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Shea has worked independently as a Web/IT/Marketing Project Manager from April 1, 2003 and continues to this day. His responsibilities included all facets of website design, development, software application planning, content management, e-Learning, training validation and marketing. During the course of our relationship, Shea proved himself to be a true professional, a diligent worker, and a talented Internet Professional.

What attracted us to Shea's company Strategic Internet (Marketing) Consultants ( were his creativity, ingenuity and his passionate pursuit of quality. Shea is a professional who delivers results. He focuses on the critical few objectives that add the most value and channels his own and others' energy to consistently deliver results that meet or exceed expectations. I've received many compliments from people within our organization for the web projects he and his team have created for us. Management and personnel in tech support, engineering, technical training, and other departments praise his work.

Shea is an innovative self-starter, who needs no supervision or a second review. He handles pressure well, and will do what it takes to get the job done. I was quite impressed by Shea's ability to complete all projects assigned to him on time, with the kind of attention-to-detail executives pray for. His orchestration of the deployment of resources (e.g., people, infrastructure, financial, informational) from Airgas and third parties in order to ensure successful project completion were exemplary.

His drive for innovative business improvements aided us to develop new insights into solutions that resulted in organizational improvements and promoted a work environment that fosters safety, cooperation, teamwork and open communication. We desperately needed a more efficient way to manage store and update the constant flow of information within our department and Shea provided us with a solution that exceeded our expectations.

Overall, Shea is a very conscientious and professional Web/IT/Marketing Project Manager. I certainly believe he has what it takes to continue to excel in his chosen endeavor as a professional Internet Marketing consultant. I strongly recommend Shea and his company Strategic Internet (Marketing) Consultants for any projects involving web application design, development or marketing.


Gregory P. Barnett
Director of Safety and Compliance
Airgas USA, LLC.

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