Airgas Case Study

Airgas Case Study

The Situation

Airgas was founded in 1982 with the acquisition of a distributor, Connecticut Oxygen. Over the next 35+ years, the
company has grown organically and through more than 500 acquisitions to become one of the largest U.S. distribution networks
in the packaged gas industry. Airgas was acquired by Air Liquide in 2016. Together, the combined company became a world
leader in gas and services for Industry and Health.

Airgas is dedicated to improving the performance of its more than 1 million customers, Airgas safely and reliably provides products,
services and expertise to the following industries through its more than 18,500 associates, over 1,400 locations, robust e-
Business platform, and Airgas Total Access® telesales channel:

Energy and chemicals
Food and beverage
Government, defense and aerospace
Life sciences and healthcare
Manufacturing and metal fabrication
Power utilities and materials
Retail services

The Airgas SEO Solution

Leading the Airgas strategic marketing team, Shea Ellison proposed a comprehensive digital marketing effort to:

1. Add hosted gated landing pages to each business unit’s sites combined with branded and targeted lead magnets.

2. Implement a hosted marketing automation platform that integrates with in-house CRM systems.

3. Engage professional sales writers to create a series of opt-in, nurturing and closing email messages to pull prospects into and through their sales funnel.

The Airgas SEO Results

After implementation of the SEO solution, opt-ins increased by 66%, engagement with nurturing and sales emails increased by 89%
and sales increased by 61% over the course of three years. Revenue also climbed 33%. Management in both marketing and
sales lauded our efforts as nothing short of “amazing.” The system is continually tweaked and improved through multi-variate
testing on an ongoing basis. As a result of this process, numbers have continue to increase year over year.

Safety extends beyond Airgas plants and branches. With more than 8,200 vehicles in its fleet, the company remains steadfastly focused
on maintaining a safe driving record. Through rigorous training and commitment to safety by our drivers, the company continually
achieves one of the lowest accident rates in the industry.

Airgas operates the largest U.S. hazmat organization specifically trained to handle compressed gases, the Airgas Emergency
Response Organization (AERO). Specially trained AERO teams located throughout the country respond quickly to emergencies
that arise

Airgas Case Study

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